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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas decor (photo heavy)

Apparently I have not taken any photos for a few years and I've added and changed some things so I need to  - it'll make it easier to decorate next year when I can refer to where I put things. Most stuff I will remember but sometimes there's little things. 

The tree pic was taken before a. I had candy canes for the tree and b. the cat knocked off and broke 2 vintage ornaments.
The tree - with and without additional lighting so you can see it glowing and also see the ornaments better.

The wreath which hangs to the right of the tree on the wall. (Here are some more old pics of the wreath so you can see it better except this time I turned it so the bow was on top. http://kaleidoscopecreations.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-wreath.html )

My entertainment center (which cannot be centered on the wall  because there's a heat vent next to it and yeah, I just noticed the dirty picture glass from the cat.) BTW - the Santas hold tealights inside and glow through some cutout dots and stars.

The electric fireplace. Looks very pretty and cozy when it's on with the oil lamp lit and tealights lit in the 2 lanterns. (yeah, gotta cover those hooks with bows)

The hallway which is to the right of the fireplace.

The hutch has little metal snowmen on one of the shelves. On the wall perpendicular to the right of the fireplace. The morning sun is coming in the front door.

The front door. Usually I have the wreath my daughter made inside but this time I hung it outside the glass. (Hopefully to discourage people from knocking ON the glass!) I just hung that big rope candycane there for now. I really want to hang it outside from a post on the steps but the tie on it doesn't fit around.

The LR/kitchen entryway to the left of the fireplace.

The kitchen cabinets.

The built in hutch with the wreath my son made. Also, one year we all made sock snowmen.

My table. I was just given this silicone baking tray but I don't think I want to bake on it and I thought it'd work well enough on the table. (I really need to get that sticker off that candle. Ruins the look. LOL)

And the shelves on my kitchen wall. Not much but some little Christmas moose and my decorative potholders. LOL

And lastly... a little something in my scrap corner. LOL  I decorated this ribbon tree that I hang baggies of snap eyelets on.


Catherine1216 said...

Everything looks so festive!

Squirrel said...

Really pretty. The tree is gorgeous and I love your fireplace. I wish I could get lights for our door wreath but it's outside and in the middle of the door, so not happening. Yours is beautiful.

GLOANN said...

It all looks so pretty, Kalei. Enjoyed seeing it.