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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall decorating

Apparently, I haven't taken pics in awhile. I like to keep track of what I do so it's easier to redo it the next year. Particularly if it came out good enough. I could've sworn I've taken pics since the last time.

So this is what I've got going on this year. Will add the mantel when it's finished.

Right now I don't have the figures out that go with the village because the cat likes to play hockey with stuff and they'd have to be stuck down somehow.

Here's the living room and hallway. (yeah, hutch needs to be cleaned up and that globe needs a new home but nowhere to keep it. It's a cool globe - lights up with constellations.)

Last pic above is living room entry into kitchen. So here's the kitchen. (oh, table not done either. It's a mess right now actually.)

And there's a couple fall hand towels hanging on the stove. No photo. LOL

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Catherine1216 said...

It looks good - very fall festive.