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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog award

From Lori at Saints Rule! who is a great cardmaker. Thanks, Lori! But I'm going to confess I'm really lazy about this stuff. So.... I'm going to change it up. LOL If you read my blog, feel free to grab it and continue passing it on your own blog.
Also, instead of doing a lot of thinking... I'm going to work off Lori's answers. LOL

1. I've only done some college - the teaching/special ed field.
2. Don't have any pets now but like the idea of naming them after Disney animals. (We had a cat named Kiara from Lion King 2)
3. Lori hated art in school - that was probably one of my favorites.
4. Unlike Lori - I have no desire at all to visit the Grand Canyon - which I refer to as a big hole in the ground. LOL
5. My eyes are light brown/hazel. (Look up hazel in the dictionary - it's not what a lot of people think it is.)
6. My middle name Lynn is from my paternal aunt (except my mother didn't realize the 'e' on my aun'ts name).
7. I scrap chrono and am 10 years behind in my kids' albums (which are the ones I've been focusing on).

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