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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric flowers - part 2

The first fabric flowers I posted are sometimes referred to as 'lollipop' flowers and are made from synthetic satin fabric (such as 100% polyester). The edge of the fabric circles are melted. If your fabric isn't 100% synthetic, it doesn't work well.

I discovered I had some satin that must have some other content in it - perhaps cotton. It doesn't melt, it only burns. In this case, 'lollipop' flowers won't work for this fabric. However, there is something called yo-yos (also referred to as Suffolk puffs) that can be made instead. You can find instruction and videos for yo-yos if you need to, but it's quite simple. You take a circle of fabric, sew a running stitch around the edge and pull, gathering up the circle. Now, if you aren't putting something in the center, you will probably want to turn a 'hem' under around your edge first about a 1/4 inch. Unless you want a frayed edge in the middle of your flower.

Here are a few I made. One with a large sequin with bead in the middle, one with a button and beads, and one where I added seed beads while stitching. In the last case, I should've turned my hem under so the bead wouldn't get as lost in the frayed edge. It was the first time I've made them, so I was playing around experimenting.


Tara said...

Thanks for posting these. Great results with little effort, and scraps to boot! AWESOME!

Chris said...

These are very pretty Tam, thanks for sharing. I was just looking at an old Victoria Magazine with a yo-yo flower spread used as a table cover outside a cottage, it looked so lovely and cozy, but I bet it was just a photo op, all those bugs getting inside the little holes would turn me off, lol - it gets buggy here in Maryland!

Chris said...

I'm now seeing these everywhere, not singularly but sewn together. They aren't new to me but I'm now seeing them with fresher eyes thanks to you!