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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome baby card

I made this card for new (great) nephew. Sending it with some outfits I got him. Better late than never - he was born in July. LOL But it's always nice to get something months later when you're not expecting it, right?

I used the card feature on the Zooballoo cricut cartridge. I colored the birds and nest with markers. I was going to flock them both but I decided I like the look of the nest just colored so only flocked the birds. The reason I colored them first is because I cut it on white paper and it's best to flock on paper that is a closely matching color to the flock you are using.


Love That Bug said...

Ths is a super cute card. I love the flocking.
Thanks for sharing

Catherine1216 said...


Saints Rule! said...

Super cute! The colors just work so well together!

Chris said...

This is really sweet! I'm one who thinks you can never really send a welcome baby message too late, and a specially designed card is one to be treasured.