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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cuttlebox directions

I've gotten several requests on how I made the box. So here's some basic directions, hope they work for you! This is based on extra thick chipboard (which really is what you'll need for a sturdy box). The best I can tell is my chipboard is between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch. If you need millimeters you're on your own because I'm not hunting down a ruler with it. LOL I'm going to tell you how I placed the pieces together on my box as best I can because the thickness of the chipboard makes a difference in the measurements (i.e. that's why the bottom piece is a tad larger than the top piece - the sides are sitting on the bottom piece.) You will need glue and masking tape. The glue will hold your pieces (if you're careful) while you assemble the joints with masking tape. (I used Scotch quick dry adhesive. Doesn't take long for it to hold.)

These are the pieces you will need to cut. You might want to do a test run with paper first just so you know you're cutting your pieces correctly. Mark lightly with a pencil if needed so you don't confuse your pieces.

For the sides pictured here you are going to cut 2 rectangles as stated. Now see that red arrow? This is where you're going make a mark on the rectangles. Measure 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom. With a ruler, connect that mark to the opposite upper corner. This is going to form the angled side of your box. You will have a triangle that will be the side of your lid.

Now you should have all your pieces ready. We're going to start assembling the box.

1. Glue the back piece ON the bottom piece at the edge of the bottom. (Run your glue along the bottom edge of the back piece. The glue will always be on the edge - the thickness of the chipboard.)

2. Now add the sides, butting the side pieces against the back and on top of the bottom piece. You should have a little lip left on the bottom piece at the front of the box. Secure the sides to the back with the masking tape. Take your time and work carefully, hold the joint gently but firmly. If your piece comes off while you're trying to tape them, just glue them on again. Using the glue with the tape makes the joints a bit stronger I think.

3. Now adhere the front box piece. It should sit on the bottom and go butt up against the front edges of the sides. Tape front joints, then tape along all 4 bottom edges.

How's it looking so far? Good? Ok, now the top.

4. Lay the 9 1/4" x 5" top piece on your surface. Now, take a triangle and adhere ON the top piece at the edge along the 5 inch side. (Match up your edges before you add the glue so you know you have it the right way.)

5. Adhere other triangle to opposite side. They should face the same way.

6. Adhere the front panel to the top and sides. The front will butt up againt the edges of the top and sides. Tape the edges at the joints.

Now, flip it over and put the lid on your box. Are we doing well? Now comes the hinge for the lid. This might be how I did it, but can't remember for sure. LOL

9. With the top on the box, make sure the top and bottom meet up in the front flush. The top edge of the back will be exposed. Tape the back edge of the top to the bottom.

10. Holding the top to the bottom of the box, flip it onto it's back side and carefully open the lid. Tape along the hinge on the inside. If you have a stylus with a large end, you can carefully run it along the inside in the hinge to stick the two pieces of tape together. Just be careful you don't go hard and poke through it.

TADA! Now go forth and decorate your box! I hope you found the directions to be useful and pretty easy to follow. You can take leftover pieces of your chipboard to create dividers. I have my permanent middle divider at about 4 5/8" from the left to accomodate the sizzix folders that are about a 1/4" wider than the cuttlebug A2 folders.

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Love That Bug said...

Thank you so much for these directions. I am very visual, and your pictures are fantastic. I don't have a lot of folders yet, so I don't really have a use for this box, but the directions are in my fav's.
Thanks again