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Monday, October 1, 2012

storage for paper strips

I needed something to hold and organize my paper strips in. I cut my background papers for layouts to 11 3/4 x 11 3/4. Old scrapbook papers weren't always true 12 x 12 so this made my pages uniform in size and it was also easier to slip them into page protectors that had a tighter fit. I save the strips that are left over and they certainly add up!
I first spotted a knitting needle storage case similar to this but at the time I didn't check the inside dimension because I wasn't getting it right then. I thought I had seen it at Michaels, too, but maybe I was mistaken. They didn't have any when I was there anyway so I looked in the paintbrush section to see if they might have anything to offer and I found this case by Artbin. It's for holding pencils and is divided into 3 long compartments. It has a piece of foam stuck at the end of each one to protect pencil tips. If you remove it, it's just long enough to hold 12 inches of paper strips or borders. I will be picking up a second one to sort my strips better. I saved the little foam pieces (just stuck them to the inside top) in case some day down the road I might want them back for some other use. Sorry, no before picture. LOL
Retail at Michaels is $6.49. I'll be waiting for another 50% off coupon to come around.


Pamela said...

Awesome idea! I see a strip cutting party and a trip to Michaels in my future.

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Oh this is good - I always have extra strips too, but I would esp.like it to store border die cuts!

Thanks for the tip!

Carolyn said...

Thanks, I'll have to look for these