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Friday, October 26, 2012

A little bit of sewing

I made this for one of my online friends who saw the dress online and wanted one for her daughter. It's very simple to make. You can find directions if you google t-shirt dress or something like that. Basically, you sew a tube of fabric and sew it to the bottom of a shirt. Hem the skirt part. You can gather or pleat the skirt part before sewing it to the shirt. You can use fusible adhesive (wunder under or heat n' bond) for the appliques. You basically are making an iron-on. Stitch around the edges after it's adhered.

Well, I wasn't thinking and bought half a yard of the orange polka dot instead of just a quarter so I had plenty of it left and decided to make this skirt. She can wear it with leggings in the winter.

I STILL had some left so I grabbed some dark corduroy fabric I had and made this purse. I really didn't think the handle through a whole lot so it's not perfect but the 2 year old won't mind. LOL Mom who asked me to make the dress doesn't know about the purse yet. tee hee. I did spill the beans on the skirt.


Isbaha said...

So beautiful !

Isbaha said...

You're so talented !