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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

State Fair 2012 - lots of pics

Last year I didn't get around to doing much to enter so I didn't enter anything. This year I entered 16 items and 13 received blue ribbons! (Our fair uses the Danish system of judging.)

Sorry, the pics I took at the exhibit aren't very good. Other than the little shade that I gave away, if anyone wants to see a better pic I can take another one at home of the item. :)

First, the less than stellar. My muffins (zucchini) only got a participation ribbon. The landscape color photography, a third place ribbon (I think having a 5.0 megapixel camera doesn't help when blowing up and well, I am VERY amateur. LOL ) My little woodsie & craft stick Santa in a chimney (Christmas tree decorations), a second place ribbon.

Here are my blue ribbons! The knitted felted pocketbook is the first knitting project I've ever completed followed by the knitted scarf (which, btw, 'homespun' yarn is a bit of a pain to  knit with. Probably makes it easier to camouflage imperfections in stitching though.) I've only made about handful of quilt blankets (mostly lap/crib size - only one bed sized one) and this was the first time I ever did a binding. And it's a continuous binding (thank you, youtube!) I did make a mistake doing the corners and had to fix it - which involved stitching the corners back together.

Then we have beadwork (earrings), ceramics - other (I painted an unfinished piece), children's clothing - skirt, decoupage (which I posted here, lit up.

Drop cookies (chocolate peppermint chip), felt craft, pillow, scrapbook page. We don't have a category for paper crafts. I have to enter it under special crafts - other.


Then here's the candle shade I made which you put on wine glasses. They taped it to the glass though so it's a bit wonky. And I forgot to take a pic of it on my way through before so I took it when I was picking my stuff up. And last, my wet felted hat made from a recycled wool sweater. The holly design I needle felted all the way around. And it actually fits on my head smoother than how it looks on the dummy head they used. LOL

Ok, I think I got them all. Thanks for looking and let me know if there's anything you want a better pic of. Some of them are pretty bad. LOL


Squirrel said...

Wow, that's a LOT of work. Very well done! The candle came out really nicely. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Chris said...

Wow so many ribbons and neat projects - congratulations Tam!

Squirrel said...

Tam you made me chuckle! Re: the comment on my blog - that's not DH, it's Shirley the "other Squirrel" blogger. We discovered each other when I was in Oz and have been exchanging nutty comments ever since. There are more crazy Squirrels out there than you'd think! Check out her blog, she's the Copic colouring queen.

Deb C said...

Holy Fritos girlie! You are one talented and busy lady.

They all look awesome. Great job!