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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Class pictures

I'm on a new computer so I don't have my photoshop (which is super old) to fix up my photos so I'm figuring out how to do it. I tried paint at first (wish I could smudge and blur instead of paint over things I want to not show) so that's why all the markings. Then I tried to see if I could improve the brightness and stuff when I saw you can do it with the photo thing microsoft has. Next time I'm going to try and see if I can do it all with photo. I'm not even sure it automatically saved/replaced the other photo - they don't look much better.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kitty layouts


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fall/Thanksgiving cards

A bunch of cards I made in 2016 I never got around to posting to my blog. Some I like more than others but I was trying to make a bunch of different ones in a small amount of time and even simple designs I'm not very quick with.

Punny cards

Here's a couple cards I made awhile back and didn't get around to posting. It took me a bit to figure out how to do the pop-up and make the chair but I worked it out and i think it came out pretty good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My scrap room

Ok, over a year and a half later I'm finally uploading the pics of my room. These are how it originally looked, there's been some small changes since. I may do an updated room post this fall. It's in desperate need of a clean up which is a bit of a challenge right now. This was my daughter's room and I took it over after her first year of college since at least 7 1/2 months of the year it wasn't really being used. During her time at home she uses an air mattress on the floor. The small closet is still all hers and she still has her bookshelf in a corner of the room you can't see. (you can just barely see a corner of it in the last pic next to the window.)

The photos start with an overall view and then go around the room counter clockwise. I painted all the white pieces to 'match'. I kept my sewing table original and painted the small bookshelf brown. I think having the few dark pieces helps ground it all. (my daughter's bookshelf was already painted brown, I got the same color to do mine.)  The big pink unicorn helps keep the cat from jumping up on top of those baskets up there.

You can see the post about my paper storage acquisition here: http://kaleidoscopecreations.blogspot.com/2018/03/paper-storage.html  My hutch was created from an old dresser and old bookshelf painted to go together and match the other pieces.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

House Mouse cards

I've got quite the collection of adorable House Mouse stamps now. Here's a couple of cards I made months ago but didn't get around to uploading.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Paper storage

This post is way long overdue since I did this nearly 2 years ago but I'm finally going to post the pics. I need to post the ones of my room sometime, too.

I got this small entertainment center at Goodwill. It was marked for $10 but it happened to have a blue price sticker and it was blue tag week so I got it for $5. SCORE!! It's all wood - not particle board junk - and that was the other selling point. I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise. (Personally, I think particle board and MDF should be outlawed! :p ) I'm not sure, but this might actually be a handmade item.

I knew the size and depth would be perfect for storing 12x12 paper. I just needed to do some tweaks to it and give it a paint job. This is the before, with my cat checking it all out.
During my remodeling process. The decorative front on the bottom that is also a bit of the feet was damaged. One was just about broken off. Plus, I figured if I removed it I could also fit a couple of plastic cases under there. I also needed to move the top shelf down and decided the decorative piece on the front of it would be better at the top of the unit.
I also removed the backing piece at the bottom with the hole cut out. I replaced it with another larger piece (I had plenty left from another piece of furniture) that went from top to almost the floor. This would give it a solid back and would also help stabilize the whole structure. Here's the after - though I didn't have the knobs on the bottom doors yet.