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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My scrap area

I thought I'd share my little scrapping area. It's sits in a corner of my bedroom since I don't have a room of my own. :( Makes for a tight space and a more crowded bedroom, but you do what you gotta do! My bedroom is only 11'5" x 13'1" so it's not like I've got plenty of space to share it with! (Plus, where the windows and doorways are located makes things harder to move furniture around.) My desk is big ol' wooden office desk about 3 x 5 feet and I've got just about everything for scrapping in, on, under, and around it! *click images to view larger*

So here's an overall picture of my little corner. You can see, I have a window on each wall, so at least during the day I get good light! Two feet from the front of my desk is my bed. I told you it's a tight squeeze!

At night I pull out the writing surface and it's a night table. LOL So I have my little lighthouse light there. If I need to get to the back of the drawer under it, then I have to put the light on my desk and push the surface in the rest of the way to get to what's in the back quarter of the drawer. But that's where my heat embossing stuff is so I don't have to get in there a lot. The left tote has a few accordian paper holders for my larger scraps and for papers I divided by theme like Christmas, fall, etc. The red one on the right I made myself - there's a cardboard box inside. That just has some misc. stuff I've thrown in there. Pages for my own album, some memorabilia I got from MIL from my hubby's childhood, and some other 'stuff'. LOL I think I made that thing like 10 years ago when I had very little. LOL

A close up of the desk part of my area. You can see I've got stuff under it, too. A sticker binder, another binder (letter stickers, some stencils, sketches), a lightbox...

The top of my desk and wall.

Close up of left side. Those white drawers are 4 units I got on clearance at Staples a good few years or so back that were for cd's. I've got ribbons in half of them, plus drawers for chalking stuff, cricut cords, glue gun & sticks, a some paints and cricut markers, drawer just for Disney embellishments, and one I've thrown a few misc. items in. My cricut sits on top next to the Boo doll my daughter no longer wanted. Push a button and she laughs or says something.

Here's a close up my salvaged wine crate which I used to hold up a shelf to store other things on. It gave me enough room left on the desk between the crate and the unit I made to put some magazine/idea books on my desk.

A closer picture of the rest of the desk with the unit I made (previously posted).

And here is where most of my 12 x 12 paper is stored in craft keepers. (And a few other things thrown in the bin, too.) I have magic sliders under it and I pull it in and out under my desk. Since the desk is about 3 feet deep, there's enough room under there for it and my chair to push all the way in.

So there's the grand tour of my humble scrap abode. Stay tuned and I'll be posting about the stuff I've salvaged and repurposed in my scrap area.


Catherine1216 said...

I wish my scrap space was that clean.

shari said...

Great space, you did a good job organizing and fitting alot into a small space. Shari (cricutrookie)