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Friday, October 15, 2010

Salvaged storage for Scrap Supplies

Yesterday I shared pictures of the area where I scrap so today I'm going to give a little bit of details on things I've saved and repurposed or found a use for and things I've made from salvaged materials.

Here I have an old wood tray (assuming for utensils) that sits in my center desk drawer. Sorting the odd pens and what-have-you. There were also colored pencils in there til recently when I moved them to a new container.

This is a tray that came with some stationery items. Holds some small vials of glitter I got before I started my Martha Stewart collection LOL, my pearl-ex, and embossing powders in my top left drawer.

Ok, you can't really see the shoebox. It kind of holds in some odds and ends of envelopes, blank cards, small page protectors, and whatever. And there's a small priority box holding my 8 x 8 dcwv cardstock before you get to my hanging files in this drawer.

A plastic shoebox from somewhere - hold plastic pencil cases in which I've got fibers wrapped around bobbins I made using the cricut. Under that foam mat you can see peeking out is a blue box (has boats on it) that has some paintbrushes and sponges in it - was a box of soaps. (There's other odds and ends under there too recycled.)

That is a wine crate used to support a shelf (also salvaged from leftover wood). :) I cut a piece of wood (salvaged from flooring job) to fit inside where there would have been slats that supported the bottles. It has SU clamshells holding some inkpads, blending tools, and my glaze/stardust pens. Underneath is a breadcrumb or oatmeal container that holds my scrap markers (I'll eventually cover it) and behind that another container that I don't remember what came in it but now has my memory colored pencils. An old invitation box (striped) has some photos thrown in til I get them organized.

Spice rack from yard sale like 10 years ago holds bottles of Tintz. The shelf next to it I made and posted about here: embellishment shelf . On top, 3 containers with white lids were from hygiene supplies (if I remember right? q-tips, cotton balls). (There's my beanie turtle, Speedy. LOL)

Ok, have no idea what this plastic thing was for I found left under my house (there were 2 actually) but I used it to support a shelf for the embellishment shelf. The box holds my cuttlebug folders/dies - which I made from the really thick chipboard backs of paper pads. I posted about that here: cuttlebug storage

I got the little glass jar free with some other stuff someone put out, and the little drawer thing used to be my mother's that had screws, picture hanging stuff, etc. (I think it actually came with supplies at the time she got it.)

Kitchen spoon holder was getting chipped up so I got a new, different one the other day for my stove and now I have this one to put my hot glue gun on or wet paintbrushes. The glass you see under it sits on my desk and was from hubby's grandmother's cellar several years ago. I cut right on it with craft knives or circle cutter.

This unit here that sits on my desk I recently made and posted all about here:
salvaged shelving. On the left is pizza boxes (I got new from restaurant) that holds wood stamps and a few larger sheets of clear. On right, second shelf, is a couple of wooden vodka nip boxes saved from one summer I worked at a liquor store after the bottles had been sold. The left one has my clear stamps organized in it. Almost all of my foam shape stamps are in the stampin up tag punch box (blue).

There you have it. You may have heard of 'decorating on a dime'. I call this 'storage on a sixpence'. LOL


Catherine1216 said...

I think you are so creative. I love your scrap space.

Chris said...

I love your scrap area, it's so much more efficient than a whole room where you can't find a thing! I'm eager to get my room organized so I can use it again for sewing and making cards. I'll revisit often to get inspired by your brilliant ideas!