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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crochet flowers

So today I looked up on youtube how to crochet flowers. Now, I don't really know how to crochet. I think I mentioned that in another post. LOL I can chain and I know how to do one kind of afghan because my grandma showed me the stitches once. I learn so much better by watching than reading. Those patterns are confusing to read (of course it doesn't help I don't know the stitches but today I learned what a double crochet is. LOL)
I used a white wool-ease yarn that has shiny iridescent fiber running in it that you can't really see in the pic. It was kind of hard to see where the stitches were when I was starting out so I might not have the flowers quite right but they look okay. LOL Actually, I KNOW I did one wrong because they're both supposed to have 5 petals but one I ended up with 6. And I went and looked again and she used both loops of the chain when making the petals and I worked off the back loop which gave me that little circle in middle of the one on the right. But that's probably what's called a 'happy mistake' cause it looks pretty good with it. LOL

And then I stacked them to see how it looks. Pretty nice, huh?! I can put a button or large bead in the middle.


TR said...

Sweet! I vote for a pearl bead. :D


Ladybug said...

I think they're gorgeous! Love how the one on the right turned out.

You did an awesome job!!