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Friday, October 1, 2010

Currier & Ives

Cricut has released a new seasonal Christmas cartridge called Christmas Cards. If you take a look at the images, they can be duplicated into something similar using other cartridges. One of the cards is reminiscent of the Currier & Ives prints with a horse and sleigh and I had to try it! I didn't have a cartridge with the horse in motion, so a standing horse will have to do (he was cut from the buggy he was attached to). Most of the card was made using the Heritage cartridge. I used Paper Dolls for the sleigh because I thought it worked a little better than the one on Joys of the Season, but you can find a sleigh you like on several cartridges. I also welded in a couple of other shapes from Paper Dolls as fillers. (The heads are silhouettes from heritage, so they needed to look like they had bodies!) The frame I made from Storybook. The bumps on the l/r sides stuck out more and I wasn't happy with them so I trimmed them back with a pair of scalloped scissors.

You can't see it in the picture but I added some glitter to the snow background and chalked in the blue sky. I cut the village out in white to look snowy but I think next time I'd do it in grey so it looks a little more silhouetted against the sky. Embroidery floss was used for the reins and I added some dimensional snow to the tree with a snow writer. I didn't think of adding flock to the horse until it was too late. I was going to go around the edge of the card with a gold paint marker but I forgot to do that, too, before I took the pic. I'm thinking the couple and sleigh should probably be a little smaller in relation to the horse. The only problem is, the smaller you get the more detail you lose. They might just look like blobs. LOL Not bad though, eh? :)


Chris said...

Seeing all your Cricut projects really tempts me! I love old fashioned cards and Currier and Ives always make me nostalgic for the old days in London!

Chris said...

Ooo - I forgot to tell you - we're leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow unless a storm or something comes up! Now if we get together, you can see how old and fat I am! lol - I'll email you when we get there!
Maybe I'll tint my hair tonight, I let it grow all grey and straggly like a witch!