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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spinning ribbon rack storage

A couple of quick pictures on what else you can use the Cropper Hopper spinning ribbon rack for - besides ribbon!
If you use binder clips you can hang little baggies of things like eyelets or buttons. You can also make little boxes and use binder clips to hang them from the rods. (note: the mini ones won't fit the rods but the small binder clips do) The top two tiers will hold 3 x 5 inch boxes. These are 3/4 in on the sides but may accommodate up to 2 inches I think.The bottom is lower and only fits 1 1/2 inch tall boxes (you can see a clear one in the second picture below.)
You could also hang toilet paper rolls from the rods and use them to hold pens and markers. I don't use mine this way but I thought I'd take a picture to show. That tube holds 7 Marvy Le Plume markers.

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Sue McIsaac said...

You are one clever crafter!