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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Punching notches for envelope making

We R Memory Keepers came out with a new envelope punch board, which is nice, but if you already have an envelope maker/scoring board it seems like a waste of money to buy another just for the handy punch feature. However, snipping out the notches on your envelope with a pair of scissors isn't very fun. A bit tedious actually.
So.... my little brain thought about how I might be able to punch the notches out. It's just a triangle - but you can't find a right angle triangle punch - and certainly not one that faces the way you need it! However, a square is just 2 right triangles that got married. :) You just have to turn it a bit. A large square will give you enough 'triangle' to punch out your notches. The one I used has sides that are approximately 1 1/2 inches. Smaller squares may not give you enough 'triangle' for punching.

Here's the paper after it's been cut and scored for an envelope.
Now what you want to do is flip over your punch and line up the corner of the punch just outside your score lines. (I should've use pencil so you could see the lines better but I was hurrying to show you! Oops just noticed a scrap of paper still in my punch!)
Go around and punch out all 4 notches.

Voila! Neater and faster! Just fold up your envelope now. You can always use a corner rounder on your corners if you want to. Or a border punch on the flap like in this post.



Debbie said...

Very helpful, thanks much!

Isbaha said...

Such a good idea !