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Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall decorating...

Yep... a bit late but I at least wanted to take the pics before it all came down. I didn't take any of the table in the kitchen because it's a mess.

The shelves in my kitchen. I need to find a nice, fake ivy for that green pot. Apparently I can't keep a real one alive. My MIL gave me the mits for my birthday and I had to figure something out to do with them.

My kitchen window, the light fixture, and the entry between the living room and kitchen. The garland in the doorway (and over window) was kind of last minute. It looks skimpy in the doorway but the new, fuller ones I had gotten on clearance didn't quite reach across.

My fall village on the entertainment center.

The hutch in my living room. Normally the books on the top are on top of my entertainment center 3/4 of the year but in the fall my village goes there and then Christmas decorations.

The hallway. Found a place to hang one of my new garlands.

The fireplace. I didn't have a little pumpkin to put on top of it this year. I'm never quite happy with the fireplace. Still working on what to do with it.

Now to pack it all up!


Chris said...

Well look at your house, all gussied up in the latest fall fashion! It looks really warm and inviting Tam, with the lovely orange and brown colors.

I'm looking at things to get ready for Christmas, I'm not sure if we damaged our favorite tree last year, if we did, I need to get out choosing one - or "gasp", buy a real tree!

Chris said...

I just read the last part, where you're going to take it all down "sob". I should have come around sooner