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Friday, September 23, 2011

Got lace?

Recently, after seeing some lace on a card, I thought I'd start getting into using some here and there on cards and layouts. Of course, I had to jump in with both feet - especially after finding 2 packs on clearance for 25c each. I needed more colors. LOL JoAnn's has a 'coupon commotion' going on with a bunch of 40% off coupons so I took advantage.

If you go in the notions (sewing) section, there is a display of hem tapes and seam bindings. They have a fair amount of colors to choose from, though not all of the colors are available in the lace, which is 'hem tape'. They come in 2 widths, although there are very few in the 1 3/4 inch width. The narrower lace is 3/4 in. wide. I actually prefer the narrower one and it's also cheaper and a bit longer.

I didn't get every color but here is what I did get. I was a bit disappointed there were some colors not available in the lace. The 2 packs I already opened are the ones I got on clearance. *click pic for better view*


Chris said...

I love lace in layouts and use it (scanned)in my digital ones. I've also been sewing thin lace in my journals.

I used to buy it from the wholesale factories for my tiny dolls, also from antique markets in London - I have heaps of lace!! Your delightful posts and projects always get me thinking about things and I could go on and on about lace, for instance!@

Saints Rule! said...

Welcome to the world of lace! I can't wait to see how you use it!