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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fabric flowers

I recently made these flowers which are quite simple to do. You can find tutorials but the basic gist is this... Cut out several circles in graduated sizes from satin type fabric (they don't have to be perfect). With a flame from a candle or lighter, carefully burn around the edges of each circle. Different types of satin will burn/melt differently. A word of warning: some may burn only and not melt. I have no idea what the fabric is made from, but I have some that I cannot make flowers from with this technique. Perhaps it has cotton in it, I don't know. You want fabric that is synthetic like polyester or nylon, so if you are buying the fabric, look to see what it is made from.

When you have finished melting/burning your edges, layer your circles and stitch a bead, button, or sequin to the center, going through all layers.


Chris said...

Yours turned out really lovely. I saw these on Etsy and wanted to try them myself, thanks for the simple tutorial - at least you make it sound simple, I bet I burn the house down, lol! I want to make and photograph mine for use in digital pages.

cricutalltime said...

they are so beautiful.

RitaLynne said...

I made these too! Love them! A heat gun or REALLY hot blow dryer will crinkle up the edges just the same as well without laeving the soot from candles.... some i did the candle some i used my heat gun....both turned out great! Thanks for sharing this!

Tara said...

Those are REALLY pretty! Wow - I never knew you could do that. Thanks so much for showing me that!