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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A thank-you RAK!

I wanted to do a RAK for someone that follows my blog. At first I thought maybe I would do a random drawing from my followers. I'd just make a post asking anyone who follows my blog (signed up before I made the post) to reply in the comments if they wanted in the drawing. Then I kept thinking about how I really wanted to thank/reward someone who not only takes the time to check out my blog often but leaves me love (aka comments).

Sooo... I decided that instead of announcing my intentions, I would truly surprise a RAK on someone. So I went through all the comments left on my blog and counted up how many were left by each person.

And the RAK goes to.... CHRIS!!! Thank you so much Chris for all the lovin' you've left on my blog! Now, I know Chris is a digital scrapper, but I also know she does have some paper laying around neglected at her house. So she's going to have to break it out so she can make cards or something with her prize. LOL (Pic posted at the bottom of this message. Sorry, I meant to do this earlier so it could be used this year but I'm a procrastinator.) Chris, you will need to email me your address! *grin*

I would like to thank EVERYONE that stops by to visit. And another thank you to all that have left comments. You did it without expecting anything in return and I appreciate it!


Love That Bug said...

What a nice thing to do.
Congrats Chris :)

Chris said...

Oh thank you so much Tam! I still love paper for cards and other projects, and seeing your beautiful space in person got me all eager to organize all my paper stuff again. I cleared out my old (with only 3 gigs!)computer, printer, and scanner, now I have a table to work on. I also got rid of old magazines in my space - well that's a start, now to find those pizza boxes!
I'll be e-mailing you.