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Friday, November 26, 2010

New addition to my scrap area

The other day my MIL picked this little gem up for me. My husband was't happy she did that. LOL He thinks I have enough 'junk'. What does he know?? :p It's meant for a bathroom. LOL The rod comes out (for toilet paper - it's not a towel bar) and that's obviously a tissue box holder on the bottom right.

I had to do just a bit of rearranging to fit it into my small space. I'm about maxed out now! So here's the before adding the new unit and after.


TR said...

OMG! I got that very same one at a yard sale 2 summers ago. I haven't incorporated it yet but
I do love it! Thanks for showing us/me what you
did with it. I'd planned to use it in my scrap
room also.

Happy Holidays dear!

hugs, TR

Chris said...

What a great find! I would never have thought of it as a bathroom piece ....and how nice that your MIL thinks of you.

I love how it fits your space perfectly without taking up extra room - you are so brilliant with this sort of thing. Many of us out here would love someone like you around to help organize us!!

scrapgal said...

Oh that looks great :)

Alma said...

I LOVE your space! So organized, I wish my area would be like that!