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Friday, September 24, 2010

Decorating for fall

Thought I'd share what I've done for fall around the house. Well, it's just the living room and kitchen really. I love, love, love fall! I need more decorations. LOL *click the pics if you want to see them larger*

In my living room I have a little fall village set up on my entertainment center. A piece of fall fabric covers the black surround speakers. (Usually there's books up there in front of them. I hate the speakers!) The little flower arrangements behind are ones I made from my wedding. :)

Here we have my fireplace. I got a few flower bunches at Michaels on sale AND an additional 15% off. Tagged at $2.99 each, I got them for 84c each. I put 3 together that were 2 varieties for a pretty fall bunch in my blue vase. I got the little tealight lantern in the wedding section with a coupon. The little black birdcage came from the dollar bins and I bought a little pie pumpkin (isn't it cute??) at the grocery store. Decoration AND food! LOL Later I can cook it up for pumpkin bread. The faux pumpkin on the floor is actually a jack o'lantern from my MIL's. I just turn the face around to the wall. (BTW - did you see how much a fake pumpkin costs??

Here's a bit closer up of the top.

Now we go into my kitchen. This is my light fixture. Without the harsh light from picture taking, it looks better in person. I just hate how those darn eco bulbs show up over the edge of the light shade thingamabobs.

Here's a little centerpiece thing for my table. I made the ring last year with some stuff I've had sitting around for some time. I just had to buy the vine wreath. I'm not thrilled with how it came out but it'll do. I think I put the leaves on too flat. Last year I had a jar candle in it but this year I bought a hurricane glass. ($1.99 and then I used a 40% coupon. *grin*) I still need to get a candle to go inside. I'd like to get a couple of votives for each side I think. I'm thinking amber glass.

And then here we have my kitchen shelves. Not really dressed up except a couple tiny baskets and the colors of the Tuscany images are fallish. I mainly just wanted to post it. LOL My online scrap-friend Mindy (family blog: Center of Attention) bought me one of the pictures after I had posted about them on a message board we frequent (wasn't that sweet of her?!). I couldn't believe my luck when I found the second one in Michaels. It was the ONLY one!

BTW - we aren't really wine drinkers. LOL We've bought the Luna one in the picture, but the other ones were sent to me from my friend Jenny on the same message board I know Mindy from. She's a lush. ROFL Just kidding. It was really sweet of her (and her husband) to add to my decor. Her husband even made the card she sent with it. I love it! It says 'Ask (outside) and you shall receive my junk (inside)'. LOL!! I used to post cleaning threads on the board so Jenny had even sent a couple of 'Mad Housewife' wine bottles. LOL They're on top of the cabinets.

Well, thanks for stopping by to check out my little bit of fall decor. Happy autumn!!


Love That Bug said...

I love all of your decorations, and your house is gorgeous. Here in Florida, I can't start decorating for fall until late Oct, early Nov, because it is still hot. (ugh)
I used to live up North, and I really miss the color changes and the cool crisp mornings.

Lolliscraps said...

I love your decorations. They look great!

Mindy :) said...

It all looks great!