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Friday, June 4, 2010

Prom wrist corsage and boutonniere

I was so excited that my son got invited to a prom this year! He has high functioning autism AND has been homeschooled since after 5th grade, so I didn't think he'd ever go to one. I hope he has a great time! (I'm nervous and a tad anxious, you'd think it was me going!) His date's dress is mostly orange with some peach edging the V neck and down the front. She's going to wear silver shoes. I picked up my son's tux yesterday. So handsome!! It's black, with a silver-gray vest and peach stripey tie. (My daughter likes it, she says it looks like a creamsicle. LOL)

I knew right away I wanted to make the wrist corsage. I've agonized over it, but it's finally done! I used faux flowers. My friend Christy generously sent me all these materials: the bead corsage bracelet, orange & peach ribbons, package of pearl stems, and a package of silver w/rhinestone hearts.

It's a good thing my son's date doesn't have stick arms like me. Or she'd have to wear it halfway up her arms so it wouldn't roll over! Here's one more picture of it all packaged up in a recycled strawberry container. LOL

I ended up doing my son's boutonniere, too. His date's mom brought the flowers to a florist she's known for years who did it quickly for her and this is the result.

I would've used the bud that was a bit open but what did I know? Til I looked up boutonnieres with roses and sure enough... I'm not seeing them with closed buds! Oh well. Anyway, I thought the florist used way too many leaves and there was nothing else to it, so I totally took it apart and redid it. (Mom was perfectly fine with my redoing it and the florist hadn't charged her anyway.) I wrapped silver ribbon around the stem - got the idea after seeing some of the boutonnieres online. Now, I don't know just yet if I'm going with or without the peach ribbon but here's a pic of it both ways. I guess they don't usually have ribbon like that but I thought maybe to go with the peach in her dress. I think it'll end up being without.


TR said...

The one the florist did
did look more masculine.
Sorry, but I must tell you what
I see.

I would do with out the bow.
but ask your son... he may
just love the bow on it! :D
you never know......

Tam said...

Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion. LOL I didn't have baby's breath and I saw one online that used the pearl thingies. It was way too many leaves and the leaves were too large for a bud, too.

Nancyroo said...

great job!

Catherine1216 said...

I like the one with the pearls but without the ribbon. I love the wrist corsage - very pretty. You did a great job.

Catherine1216 said...

You have to tell us about the Prom tomorrow.

Chris said...

I really like the first boutonniere by the florist - but as an abstract design, I can see how the tight bud with all the leaves might look too boring and too green on a jacket. Yours are both great and since I only have girls, I might like the bow but not sure how boys think about those things so will stay out of the with or without bow thingy, lol

I love your wrist corsage, and the nice thing is the girl can use to decorate something in her room after the prom. I'm excited to hear all about the prom and your how your son enjoyed it. I hope he isn't one of the close mouthed silent type!

Amy said...

What beautiful colors! Hope the prom went well!