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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prom frames

The mother of my son's date picked up some cheap acrylic frames to put some of the pictures in we took. So I thought I'd dress them up for the girls with the ribbons and things that were used in their hair (blue) or the making of the corsage (orange). They're pretty simple, yet the bows were a pain to make and try and have them look decent. LOL The blue one I made the day after prom but the orange one I just did today, which is why it took me over two weeks to post them.

I'm going to get a black frame for my son's picture and attach his boutonniere to it. That'll have to be another post down the road when it's actually done.

Thanks for looking! *click to view larger*


Catherine1216 said...

Very cute.

ChatterScene.com said...

I love them!! Great Job! Also I wanted you to invite you to come talk about card making and scrapbooking at my web site:) http://www.chatterscene.com
I would love to have more people over there who love it like I do:) Also check out my blog too:)

Chris said...

What a nice way to save some ribbons from their day. They turned out really lovely!