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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New look!

I gave my blog a face lift. I like this much better than the one I came up with. LOL The background and blog title is made from digital papers designed by my friend, Chris. (Her blog: www.britthing.blogspot.com ) Aren't they great?! The red ribbons are mine, but the rest are from her Chelsea King's Road collection. It took me hours to tweak the background to fit the template. OY! I also enlarged the text size a bit so that should make it a little easier to read. We won't all have to strain our eyes!

Hope you like the new look! Thanks, Chris, for sharing your beautiful, hard work!


TR said...

It looks fabulous!

Love That Bug said...

Love it

Chris said...

Tam, how nice of you to advertise me. Your blog really fits the Kaleidoscope title now. The funny thing is that I've been on blogger for a few years now and thought you hsd to buy or use Blogger's own skin. I never new one could design one's own background......duh! It's so neat to have a cool friend who knows these things!