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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Distress ink color sample tags

I got this idea from a couple of sources and merged them. On the Ink Stains blog, the gal had posted some comparison samples of the old vs. new colors. Her samples were half stamped and half color washed. On youtube, WhatYouMakeIt1 made tags that were color washed and half had clear embossing on so you could see the change in tone.

What I did was stamp at the top, followed by using the blending foam, then the direct-from-inkpad wash with the bottom half of the wash covered in clear embossing. What I found is the ink really does dry/absorb too fast in plain cardstock. I used the Georgia Pacific cardstock you can get at WalMart. Using coated papers would be a bit different when using different techniques. So since it was drying/absorbing too fast, the embossing powder wasn't really sticking. When I turned my heat gun on it, some of it would blow off. It worked better if I directed my heat tool on the underside of the paper.

I did a little test on scrap paper using versamark on my stamp before inking it up, and that helps if you want to emboss a stamped image with this ink. However, I'd be a little concerned about transferring some of the versamark to my inkpad if I did this often and I wouldn't want it to affect the ink properties so a better option would be to use a stamp positioner. Stamp with your ink first, then go back over it with a versamark pad using your positioner to line the stamp up on top of the first image and your image will have something for the powder to stick to for embossing.

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TR said...

Cool!! That's a really good idea!