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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Using a scoring board for journaling

Last night while working on a layout, I had this great idea come to me and it worked out perfectly! I used the Martha Stewart scoring board with envelope template to draw lines for journaling on. They came out nice and straight and evenly spaced. You can reach pretty much anywhere on your layout. To reach the right hand side, you can flip the layout upside down OR the board so that the upper left corner becomes the lower right.

Simply place your layout on the board butted all the way to the top and left sides of the board. Place your envelope tool against the side as shown and match up the top edge of the tool with a measurement on the ruler where you want to start your journaling lines. Run your pencil or pen along the top of the envelope tool to draw your line. Move the tool down to the next 1/4 inch mark and continue to draw as many lines as you need. Quick and simple!


I am so happy to have thought of this! It's going to be so much easier and faster to make journaling lines. It will also be fun to make embossed lines using Sakura glaze pens!


TR said...

Multi use of toys.
I love it. :)

Carol said...

Great idea you came up with. Maybe you can help with my MS scoring pad. I can't figure out the paper size and where to score for a 5½x5½ envelope. Do you know??? TFS

Tam said...

Hi Carol!
Didn't know where I should reply to you, so I left you a message on the cricut board. http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=6576161

Love That Bug said...

Great Idea!!
I love to multi purpose things.
Thanks for sharing


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