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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reupholstered couch

This is something I did last fall.

I've made a couple of slipcovers before, but I've never actually done a reupholstering job. But our couch had gotten so bad, it was do or die. My mother-in-law had gotten this Ethan Allen sofa at a yard sale for $20 about 2 years ago? Maybe 3 - who knows when time just passes by. Anyway, it wasn't in really horrible shape like in these before pics (though the patches on the back were already there). But it just kept wearing down and getting worse with use. Couldn't afford to have someone else do it.

Reupholstering this thing was LITERALLY blood, sweat, and tears. And a near broken toe 'cause I tripped on the vacuum cleaner cord. And a few bruises. And took me a week. I've guesstimated I've used at least 600 tacks, of which most were 3/8" and required using tweezers to hold them while hammering. I tried 3 staplers, none of which would work right and I couldn't afford a good one with an air compressor.

*click pics if you want larger*
This shows with the cushion facing up - all torn. And the underside (it wasn't a reversible cushion) which we ended up using because the right side was all torn up.

Front and back of finished sofa. The original cushion cover only had piping on the top side. I put it on both sides because the cushion can be flipped over. You might not be able to tell, but there's piping around and down the front of the arms, around the whole bottom, and across the back.

So after all that, I thought maybe I'd never reupholster a couch or chair again! LOL

Til we found a little chair on the side of the road. (I think it's a 'boudoir chair'.) My hubby refused to get it at first. I was bummed. But then just a day or two later he was out on his own and he ended up bringing me back the chair. LOL Looks like it was stored in a barn or a cellar. It will have to be taken down to the bones with new padding/batting put on. Just maybe I'll get to it this summer! (and the other projects on my list a mile long!)


Lesle Alvarado said...

Wow! That's impressive, it looks great!

Solange J. said...

Oh ! You're INCREDIBLE !