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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogger Award!

Thank you to Sammibug who sent me this award! http://sammibugscrapshack.blogspot.com I'm afraid I'll have to bend the rules a bit as I haven't built up my reading list yet! But, I'll tell you who I've been keeping up with so far (besides Sammi LOL).


Some things about me:

Married with 2 children (one of each).
I'm a Libra.
I tend to jump into a new project excitedly with both feet. (But finishing isn't my strong suit. LOL)
I LOVE babies - they're the best! (Unless they keep you from sleeping. LOL)
I love sweaters.
My favorite accents are Scottish and Irish.
I'm fairly handy. Sort of a 'jack of all trades' and definitely a 'master of none'. LOL

Here's the rules for this award:

1) Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award

2) Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whose blogs you have recently discovered that you love

3) Share 7 things about yourself


Chris said...

Thank you so much Tam, you know how to mske someone feel good! I am so dumb though, I don't know how to get it to my blog - lol

Chris said...

Nor do I know how to edit these comments after sending, to fix the typos! I know, I should preview first.

Amy Jo said...

Thank you so much Tam. This really made my day!