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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

handmade mini mini planner

I'm not much of a planner person. It always sounds like a good idea but the planning part is not my forte. LOL  However, with planners being the big craze and seeing the fun decorating people are doing I gave in. But instead of spending the money that 1. I wasn't sure would work out and 2. wasn't really a size I wanted, I decided to make my own from scratch with things I already had on hand - except the binder ring part. I picked up the Tim Holtz large binder rings at JoAnn's on sale. (because of course it was already on sale when I had a better coupon!) I also made my own planner stickers that would work for me and what I'd like to accomplish besides cleaning. ;)

Deep in the depths of my craft crap I found a little stash of chipboard which I don't even remember where from but they were all the same. I glued together 3 sheets to make thicker, sturdier pieces for my binder. I cut them to accommodate my inserts which are 1/4 of a standard sheet of paper plus the rings. (which is why I call it a mini mini planner. :) )  I used 12 x 12 fabric paper - which wasn't quite wide enough so I had to piece it which is why I have the ribbon  on the cover to hide the seam. I would've preferred a darker blue but I was working with what I had available. I also wanted it wide and grosgrain. The nice thing about the fabric is because it's paper-backed it kept the glue from having bleed-through.
I cannot make anything it seems without some mistake or mishap. So of course I was almost done and poked a hole through the paper in the crease. Still working on how to cover that up and it's driving me crazy. The inside paper is from Recollections Fall in the Park paper pad and was a perfect match to the fabric! I got the printable on the cover page from https://littlehouseonthecircle.wordpress.com/
printable from https://littlehouseonthecircle.wordpress.com/
I was going to start in 2017 but decided to go ahead and start with December this year. Kind of a bit of practice first, too. So this monthly overview doesn't have the sticker going over the month like the rest do. The Mary Engelbreit images that are facing each monthly page is recycled from an old 365 desk calendar.

Some of the other monthly pages. I haven't actually glued down the March image yet. I'll be looking for paper to go behind it. On the back side is a list for birthdays and I haven't decide yet what to put on the facing page. Maybe some quote images. I haven't filled in birthdays or holidays yet on all the monthly pages.

An example of a weekly spread. Starting in 2017 the first weekly page of the month has a word/phrase sticker as you can see above. I cut myself a page marker from gridded quilting template material. It's marked off at 1/4" so it has another useful purpose, too, as a ruler. Here I used some of the planner stickers I made and couple other stickers for fun. While I don't plan on doing 'no white space' I will work my way up to adding more bits and pieces as I get used to doing the planner thing.

I also have year-at-glance pages but split them up into 6 months so the next 6 is in front of July.
The menu/grocery planner is also from https://littlehouseonthecircle.wordpress.com/  but I couldn't find a simple card list like I wanted so made my own with some lined paper I cut down to size and then just drew a couple columns on it and marked them with tiny punched banners. (I also have some regular lined paper cut and some graph paper cut to size in my planner.)

So that is it so far to really show. I will be making inserts to keep track of books I've read, too. I already have picked out 2 ME quote images and need to choose one. Or maybe use both and just make it a divider page with one on each side. :)


GLOANN said...

You have done a great job with your mini mini planner! Really nice. I love those Mary E prints that you recycled from the calendar. Way to go.

Kristol said...

Looks great. I like the grid divider you make. Nice design. Easy to read and it's actually USABLE. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

scrappymommy said...

Super cute!! I love the Mary Poppins cover page. I think I need to add that into my planner somewhere. I like the page marker & your ME inserts. Great job!!

Vicki said...

So cute! Love that Mary Poppins made it into your planner! I think from the design that this looks like something that will be fun to play in and will be helpful!