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Friday, March 21, 2014

Special ordering products at JoAnn....

Recently there was a DCWV stack that I really wanted but it turns out my local JoAnn wasn't going to be carrying it. It had been several years since the last time I had asked and based on what I saw people post on the internet (whether or not there's a shipping charge), I wasn't sure how it worked anymore. So I asked the manager about how special ordering.

There is NO charge if the item comes from the warehouse. They will be able to tell you this but also here's a tip if you see a shelf tag. There are 2  letters on the bottom right side of the shelf tag. The letters DC means it comes from the warehouse (Distribution Center) and there is NO shipping charge for a special order. If it says DS, that means it comes straight from the vendor and a shipping charge would apply.

Now, I thought I'd share that tip with other people about special ordering and emailed with Erin at DCWV to let other customers know how they can get the stacks their stores may not have been selected to carry.
Erin recently posted a video on youtube about how to order the stacks at JoAnn and I thought I'd take the credit I deserve ;)  and say I gave her that tip. (She never mentioned that someone had emailed her about this problem and shared how to solve it.) Here's the video:

How to special order [stacks] at JoAnn

While I didn't save the full email, I do have her response since I shared it with some other people on March 4.

Hi Tammy,
Thank you, thank you for your email! I have spent some of today looking into this. I had no idea that this was an issue! I found out that yes, not every single store will get the releases. We will try and do a better job and relaying the information on which kind of stores will receive the stacks, but sometimes we don't know either! We are working hard on getting our products up on the joann.com website so people can order online too! So sorry for the inconvenience!

I believe in giving credit (in some form at least) where credit is due and so I'm claiming mine. LOL

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