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Monday, December 16, 2013

Making little gift bags with a score board....

WRMK has come out with some convenient punch boards for different projects including gift bags. But why spend money on them if you already own a score board? And different boards for different purposes take up more space. Making gift bags is pretty simple. I have also marked the score lines with a pencil so they'd be easier to see in the pictures (you don't need to draw the score lines yourself!)
Hopefully my directions are fairly easy to understand. Sorry, I don't do videos. LOL

First, you will have to do a little math. Decide how wide you want the sides of your bag to be and how wide the front/back will be. Add the measurements together and add 1/2 inch for the tab. Your paper will need to be this wide. My bag is 3 inches front/back with 1 1/2 inch sides.
 3 + 3 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 0.5 = 9.5

Now you need to determine the height. How tall do you want your bag to be? To this you will add the next measurement (the bottom of the bag).  Mine is 6 inches.
The bottom of your bag will be the same as the width of the side. Subtract 1/4 inch from this measurement. My bag is 1 1/2 inches wide on the side. 1.5 - 0.25 = 1.25
6 + 1.25 = 7.25

My paper needs to be 9 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/4 inches high.

Begin by scoring your paper for your width measurements. Side (1.5), front (3), side (1.5), back (3). Your 1/2 inch tab will bet the remainder on the right.

Turn paper and score your bottom measurement. (1.25)

 Turn paper upright again and draw a tick mark 1/4 inch from edge. Make tick marks 1/4 inch from each vertical score line.

Fold/crease all scored lines.

Trim off section on the bottom right. This will begin your tab.

Trim off a corner at the top and bottom of the tab from the score line to the outer edge.

Make your bottom flaps by cutting on a diagonal from your tick mark to the bottom (horizontal) score line.

You now have your 4 bottom flaps.

Add adhesive to the front side of your tab and fold bag so your left side overlaps your tab.

Add adhesive to one of your larger flaps. Fold in side flaps first, then the one with adhesive and fold over last flap.

Tuck sides in and pinch top. If you want, pinch top together and cut with decorative edge scissors.

Punch holes in top and thread with ribbon.

I hope you found this simple enough to follow. You can make various size bags simply by doing the math!


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Glorie said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial :)