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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Durable plant markers

I have come up with another use for old cutting mats used in electronic die cutting machines. In my case, it would be cricut mats. Sturdy plant markers! I didn't even concern myself with cleaning the sticky side. I see no need to waste water, cleaning supplies, and time doing that. You can use the lines on the mat as your cutting guide. I used an old 6 x 12 mat. You can cut off the ends if you wish, or use the whole thing. A good, sturdy guillotine cutter works great. Or you can cut by hand with scissors.
If you cut it in half inch strips (mat laid horizontally as pictured above)and then cut those strips in half you can get 2 small pieces. Cut a point at one end. Those are good for marking pots like this.
If cut the mat in 1 inch widths, they make good garden markers. My mat was curled on the edges so I trimmed off one end.
Then I cut the other end into a point. I used the back side to write the label with a Sharpie marker.
Now you have a sturdy, durable way to mark your plants and another way to recycle those old cutting mats!


Viv said...

You rock, here I thought you sit on your butt doing nothing all day lol. Very cool, I will make those for my pots.

pamark1 said...

I garden by the surprise method...haven't labeled a thing. LOL I can't wait to see what grows. :p

Carolyn said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.