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Friday, March 16, 2012

A planning and a plotting.....

I have spent allllll day working on my garden design. And here is my result after all day figuring it out. It messes with my greenhouse (pvc hoophouse) setup though because of the cool weather plants. *sigh*
It looks much neater in diagram than it will IRL. I found out cauliflower doesn't play nicely with others and is picky (snobby vegetable!) so I'm planting it outside the main garden. The two plots on the side are actually 4 - 5 feet apart since I have a couple of peony plants over there. The left plot is a few feet from the right side of the garden. Or will be when I get them built. I have enough lumber that was left behind here (probably by whichever past owner built the shed) to make the two plots. Radishes will be thrown in among tomatoes and whatever so I didn't plot them in the diagram. BTW - those purple things are onions, not turnips. I made them purple but they're spanish onions. I was snagging clipart online and didn't really think about it.
This website has an online garden planner but my plan below I made in photoshop. I needed to see my garden as a whole and I couldn't do that with the planner but it's a great resource. Be sure to check out more of the site. I printed this off today and am going to get the dates figured out. Vegetable planting guide PDF
Also, check out almanac.com for your frost date and stuff like that. I wrote down all the indoor (for transplanting) and ground planting dates for what I'm growing. I'll do the math for the worksheet and compare the two before I actually write them in. I know some stuff I need to get started now. What I also learned is that I can actually plant peas earlier than they tell you - as soon as you can work the ground. And apparently, St. Patrick's day is a tradional pea-planting day up here! I'm not quite that ready yet though. Unfortunately, it rained today so I won't be able to work the soil tomorrow. However, I should be able to in a few days. Meanwhile, I can start getting my indoor seeds planted and tomorrow I'll have to go into the shed and see what pots and stuff I can find that I've saved from the plants I used to buy. This year it's all seed! *insert face of horror here*
P.S. Whoever previous owner put up the fence in the back yard had angled that back corner, that's why the diagram looks like that. LOL


Anonymous said...

It's always so much fun planning the garden - I used to sit for hours doing it - mostly with flowers and plants in this house because it's way to shady. Chris

Saints Rule! said...

How fun! I love fresh veggies! All your hard work will be worth it! BTW... You are always a winner in my book!