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Friday, January 6, 2012

My first earrings!

I got these really pretty beads ages ago in a rainbow RAK on the cricut board. I knew I wanted to make earrings with them. Then a month or two ago (maybe longer - I can't keep track of time) I bought the hooks and the wire thingies to string them on. I originally wanted to put a round bead on each end but the wires I got were the longest they had. However, I still have 4 round beads and 2 of the teardrop ones left to make a necklace with! It's all good. :)
I've made a few necklaces and bracelets - which was mainly stringing on elastic thread and I did use crimp beads for the first time on necklaces. This was my first time using wire pieces and making the loops. They aren't perfect but not too shabby. I probably don't even have good 'proper' tools - just ones that came in a cheap jewelry tool kit at Michaels.
BTW - I'm lousy at taking good pictures.

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Chris said...

Very pretty Tam! I love bright red right now.