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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas decorating around the house...

The living room and hallway:
The garland hangs between the LR and kitchen. It might be a bit hard to make out, but I also have a chain of tinsel-y pipe cleaners draped on the kitchen chandelier. The electric fireplace - not a good pic because of the lighting but I wanted to capture the glow. Wreath inside my front door my daughter decorated. The top of the entertaiment center. Wreath on my LR windows - I made the snowflakes. (We had our windows replaced and I haven't put trim on yet, either.) Then we have a pile of Christmas books on the table next to the couch. And last, the hallway. I made the little angel a long time ago.

In my kitchen:
Wreath my son decorated a few years back. Sock snowpeople we all made, too. Then there's my shelves with the empty pot because I can't keep an ivy alive. How was I to know they need a lot of moisture? I've killed at least 2 before I googled and found this out. I'm going to stick a fake one in there. LOL I finally figured out something to do with the potholders - command hooks.

The star of the show:
The tree in daylight and then at night aglow.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Christmas decorating. The kids also have their own little trees in their rooms.

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Chris said...

It all looks so warm, cozy and beautiful Tam. You have a fireplace too - I'm jealous!