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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving cards

I made 20 of these cards. I didn't want to wait to post them, so some people may be getting a sneak peek.

Most of the cards are like the one on the right, but I was running out of paper. And the one on the left (the only one) is because I cut the piece too short by accident. So the bottom one is the last 4 I had made with what I had left for paper. I used 4 sheets of 12 x 12. When I got down to those 4, the pieces left weren't 4 1/4 inches wide. Hence, the slightly different cards. I still have some scraps left.

I got the inside quote from an Ideals Thanksgiving book. I didn't want to put the name right there but I forgot to note her on the back. I wanted to use the fall scene stamp this year but I also wanted to use the Sizzix fall embossing folder I love. I think they compliment each other well! I was originally going to emboss the card base inside but the folder is too big to fit in the cuttlebug sideways and it doesn't fit the other way because the card had to be open to emboss. So I ended up doing it on another sheet and decided to put it on the top inside and not put my sentiment on top of the image.

I had also planned on coloring the stamp but since it is so detailed, I couldn't use it on watercolor paper. That meant I had to use regular smooth paper (not good for watercolors really) and colored pencils. But after coloring in 2 I decided it was too time consuming. I needed to get them done. It may have worked out better after all. :)

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Chris said...

What neat cards, I love the stamps you used. I've never sent out Thanksgiving cards, they are so pretty though.