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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Needle felting on a shirt

I bought the materials do needle felting over 3 years ago when I went to a Sheep and Wool Festival (where my daughter was showing borrowed sheep) and discovered the craft. Since then I haven't done anything but admire the colors of the wool I bought. I've had this idea for a long time and today I finally picked up the needle and got busy!
Now, if you don't know what needle felting is it's using a special barbed needle to create a felted project using 100% wool. The properties of wool allows it to tangle together and mat in a way that it holds together. A search will give you plenty of info and images. You can design freehand, make a template or use stencils, even use cookie cutters.
I noticed a year or two ago small needle felting projects and supplies were popping up in the craft stores. However, before you buy check around for the best deal. If you have a wool and yarn shop in your area, you may find buying your carded wool or roving to be a better buy from the specialty shop.
This is the shirt I started out with. Just a plain, solid shirt.

I cut out a template on my cricut. Using a repostionable adhesive on the back would've made it easier. In the end I decided to just freehand it.

I actually had intended for it to look a bit more delicate but it's my first project. I also broke one of my needles - luckily I had a spare since they were sold in packs of 2 at the fair. I need to get some various sizes, too. They allow for more detailed felting or faster felting.

I have another shirt like this but in dark red. I'm thinking of doing fall leaves on it.


Georgina said...

Okay - I am loving this! You need to make a christmas one with a ruldolph on the front!

Georgina said...

Okay - I am loving this! You need to make a christmas one with a ruldolph on the front!

Nilsa said...

Turned out beautiful!

Chris said...

I hadn't heard of needle felting before, but your sweater looks lovely with the design and felt work. I'd love to see it up close.