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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reupholstering a simple stool

I haven't posted anything in awhile so I thought I'd get around to redoing the cover of my sewing stool. This method works for a lot of simple upholstered seats.

This is my stool before. It originally had a vinyl cover which I removed and reupholstered in this fabric several years ago. It's gotten pretty filthy and I've long tired of the fabric. It caught my eye when I first saw it but I ended up not caring for it all that much after a little bit.

Now what you want to do is lay your seat facedown on the fabric and make sure you have enough to cover the seat with it pulled over the sides. I also like to fold the edges under. Remember 'measure twice, cut once'. It doesn't matter if you do it before or after you remove the old fabric. If the old fabric isn't all torn up, you could actually use the old piece as a 'pattern' for cutting the new piece but with something this simple it really isn't necessary. You also never know if the piece you're replacing is giving you enough leeway to work with.

I'd just like to point out I *can* staple better than this but my stapler just doesn't like to work right and wouldn't go into the wood very well so they're all wonky. Which of course is bothering me but at least you can't see it and it's still holding the fabric. There was no way in hell I was using upholstery tacks (see my entry about reupholstering a sofa!) Anyway, some people start with the sides, I like to start with the corners and have them underneath. So, go around and do your 4 corners, pulling your fabric taut. Then do the sides. You do opposite sides first like here. Start in the middle and then work your way out on each side. Pull your fabric taut especially when you are doing the side opposite to the one you just finished. You want your fabric tight and smooth.

Here's the finished stool. It has storage under the seat so it doesn't fasten to it, it sits on a lip inside the edges.

Ah, much nicer and it looks better in my room, too!


Saints Rule! said...

Wow! Amazing what new fabric can do! I have an oak sewing rocker that belonged to my great grandmother that needs a little TLC. I think you may have inspired me to tackle it! Thanks!

Catherine1216 said...

I love the new fabric - it turned out so pretty.

Chris said...

The older fabric would look really nice in my NH place, but the new fabric is so elegant and pretty, great job Tam!