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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pearl/rhinestone templates

I made these templates using the rhinestone feature in Make-the-Cut. I took a swirl from basic shapes to start with then I manipulated it. Adding and taking off parts to create my own designs. I used thin, plastic notebook subject dividers to cut my stencils. You could also find stencil blank material at craft stores.

There are a few things you can do with these templates.
1. Ink or chalk them (red one below was inked with a blending tool. Obviously I wasn't being careful about the edges. LOL)
2. Use a pencil to mark the pattern for laying out rhinestones or pearls. (Or ink/chalk it but you want to make sure your rhinestone or pearl is going to cover your marks.)
3. Use it as a piercing template for stitching (be careful to pierce near the center of the holes or you may make the design 'wobbly'. Or you could resize the file smaller so the holes get tinier.)
4. Cut the file in paper and you have a punched design. If you chalk over the punched paper design that looks cool, too.

If you'd like to receive this MTC file (.mtc format) just shoot me an email with 'rhinestone templates' in the subject. The templates are about 3 - 4 inches wide and 5 - 5 1/2 inches long.


The Digi Street - Andy Bauer said...

Those are very cool! Great job!

Saints Rule! said...

Super job! I love the templates. I definitely want to try the fireworks!

Chris said...

I agree with the other comments - these are really cool! I'd love to copy your templates and try these with digital pearls if you're agreeable.

Anonymous said...

You're so clever. :P

Saints Rule! said...

Tam... You know I love bouncing ideas off of you... You always give me inspiration and encouragement. I have left a blog award over at my place for you. Thanks again!