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Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday card using card kit to go...

Here's the first card I made using my new 'card kit to go' I recently posted about. (BTW - they do still sell the boxes at Michaels. It's $9.99 now.) The inside I did at home. (Ok, technically I did the 'make a wish' part at home, too. I had the piece in my kit but I wanted to go over it with pens I didn't have with me.)

The image was recycled from a scrapbooking catalog a loooong time ago. LOL There were balloons on it, and I had punched balloons that were the same size! So I put those on top with pop dots. Also pop-dotted 'make a wish', which I went over with glitter and glaze pens. (Also, went over the candle flames with a glitter pen.)


cricutalltime said...

what a fun bright birthday card.enjoy your kit.tfs

Chris said...

Tam, I wouldn't have thought you'd be able to use your kit for the whole job, so getting that close means you packed your kit with the perfect items - congrats!