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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paper flowers

These are so easy to make - you can get addicted! I just made these for the first time last night. I came across this tutorial on youtube handmade paper flowers. I used my cuttlebug and flower dies (also looks like scalloped circles). I made them with variations to the size of the layers and size of the brad and number of layers. Some used all the same size, some have graduated sizes, some have 6 layers, some have 8.
I have a lot of white paper that comes in page protectors in the albums I've bought and the refills I get for them. It's a thin cardstock and it works great for this. This is what I've made right now - I see a lot more in my future. LOL They are just so cute! Don't forget - you can click the pic to view it larger!


Nilsa said...

Such pretty flowers!!

Chris said...

Lovely Tam - you did a wonderful job. I'm right in the middle of a youtube-looking-at-flowermaking mode these past couple of days and right now doing this one:


I saw your flowers by a different person on their blog yesterday, but it's better with the the video. Don't you just love youtube? I do!

BTW, your pin is in the mail (finally!)

Chris said...

I just saw this cute idea I'd like to save for next year to make with, or for, the grandchildren.
To remember, I'll print the picture and place with my card making stuff. I forget too easily - I cant even remember how to link on these comments!

Catherine1216 said...

These are so pretty. I love the colors you used on them. I'll have to go watch the video.