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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Play Ball

Not the greatest pics but hey, it's still a memory! First time I've ever pop-dotted anything on a layout (ball on top). The quote says 'bewtween earth and sky'. The title is letter stickers I lightly sanded then went over it with ink to grunge them up a little. I originally had the journaling under the title - then hubby mentioned a ticket (didn't think of looking to see if I had one). Found it, but then didn't have a place for it. Ended up rewriting the journaling at the top and covering up the original with a mat for the ticket from the game. :)

My husband was looking at the ticket and commented on the $15 price. He said those seats are probably like $70 now. I don't know - but it sure is crazy! It's a lot cheaper and still fun to just support the local minor league.


cricutalltime said...

really cute layout.tfs.i like the idea of the ticket in your layout.

Chris said...

Really nice layout, it's great you still have the ticket Tam. I have nothing to show that I once went to a National League baseball game. It was to see Willy Mays with the Giants when they played in Hawaii way long ago!