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Sunday, December 5, 2010

RACK - Random Act of Christmas Kindness

I'm excited and nervous about this. I got the idea from The Little Book of Christmas Joys 432 things to do for yourself and others that just might make this the best Christmas ever. The other day I opened to a random page and #261 says: Keep money in individual envelopes to give spontaneously to others when you're touched by the Christmas spirit. Of course, I don't have that kind of money, but I though it would be fun to do with cards. Something a little bit more to reflect the holidays in general since not everyone celebrates Christmas and though it's the thought that counts, it is random strangers. I really wanted to add a little something extra so in the end I came up with the idea of the card to include a packet of instant cocoa and a candy cane. It wouldn't cost much and was still something a little extra special. I played on the words and theme and had just the right image and stamps for it! (click the images to see them larger)


TR said...

What a great idea.
DH and I agreed the other night
that we were going to just "take
care of the kids" this year for
Christmas. We don't have any so
the nieces and nephew will get
gift cards. I have that all taken
care of. But the adults are going
to get this... A card with CoCo!
I really like this. Thanks Tam!


Summer said...

Great idea and very sweet!

Chris said...

That's a lovely idea Tam, I'd like to know more - Such as - How many are you going to give out? and Are you just going to go up to strangers in the Mall and give them a card? Or to those people you already know?

Who knows, you might begin a movement like the Help-Portrait group that was started last year, now it's reached all over the world. I might try to get involved next year (not as a photographer, lol) - Photographers take portraits (no charge) for anyone in need who would like one.

Chris said...

I was so excited about your idea, I forgot to say how lovely your card and envelope were! That's a lot of work!

Love That Bug said...

I think this is such a great idea, and I absolutely love your card.

Squirrel said...

I love this too. Who are you going to give them to? Just any people who come to your house?
Rosey x

RitaLynne said...

awesome idea! How cool! Thanks for sharing!