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Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Fair

So this year, I have submitted 5 things to the state fair. I have never entered a fair before. Our fair uses the Danish system. (Our judges use the Danish system for grading. Judging is based on its own merit using the general judging criteria of: Appearance and Workmanship. For fiber work cleanliness, colors, design, blocking and/or pressing, neatness, tension, pattern execution, gauge, piecing, accurate machine stitching, seam/hem finishes. ~excerpt from the exhibitor's handbook) I'm glad they do this because if you're being compared to other people that can be rather discouraging as some people have much more experience. I would feel like I didn't have a chance in hell against someone who's been quilting for 20+ years! (Heck, this is only like the 3rd complete patchwork type quilt I've made and the other 2 were about crib size!)

*As always, click pics to view larger*

I made this for my daughter's room. All those little ties were a bugger to tie! I was happy enough that I got a red ribbon but none of the bed quilts got a blue ribbon so I feel even better about it. LOL

Just a necklace I had made for myself and realized when I was looking to enter stuff I could enter it. LOL

No, I did not blur the faces in the LO when I submitted it to the fair! LOL The shoes embellishments were made with leftover sparkly fabric that I had used when I made my daughter's costume. I had covered an old pair of sneakers with it for ruby slippers.

A dress I had made for my daughter. She only wore it once because I had made it a bit too small. *sigh* That was a few years ago but I still had the dress. Last one I had that I've made her over the years when she still wore them.

Ok, now here's the thing with this afghan. I started it and worked out a pattern of stripes with the intent of using up yarn I've had around for years. I told myself to do it and get it done or just finally donate the yarn instead of keeping it all for another God-knows-how-many years. (However, still procrastinating after having gotten a good start on it, it was 3 years (at least) in the making!) So what do you think happened? I ran out of some of the colors and HAD TO BUY MORE YARN! I think like 4 skeins of different colors. The last was black. I was almost done the last black stripe on it when I ran out. And it's pretty hard to match an off-white with a brand you don't know you used and got years ago to boot. So, needless to say, it's not a perfect match. I managed to finish it the night before it had to be submitted. Well, technically it was finished. But I decided to do a stitch up the sides to 1. border it and 2. hopefully improve the look of the sides. I did THAT the day OF. Why do I do this to myself anyway?? I had a whole year to get it done knowing I wanted to put it in the fair.

So there you have it. My first fair entries! 3 red ribbons and 2 blue. Oh, happy day!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing my moment! When I get my things back Monday evening I'll take pictures of the afghan and quilt so you can see them fully spread out.


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Chris said...

Oh my goodness Tam, what a lot of fiber work! All your pieces are really lovely. Congratulations on your ribbons! I know you must be in seventh heaven - I would!

TR said...
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TR said...

How wonderful! I've never been involved in entering anything in a fair that I can remember. hmmmmm. I'll have to ask my cousin and sister.
2 RED ribbons! That is phenomenal for a first time enterer! And 3 BLUES!. OMGosh! I'm so proud of you!

See... I told you'd I'd still keep an eye on you!.
missing you,