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Friday, July 16, 2010

Freezer Tees

Now, if you haven't heard of a freezer tee, it's a t-shirt you paint using Reynold's freezer paper to make your stencil. Just go to youtube.com and you'll find videos about freezer tees. It's simply cutting out your design and using an iron to adhere the plastic side down to your material so you can paint your design without the paint bleeding under.

I'm not even a t-shirt kind of person. I don't like them really but I wanted to paint designs on some. LOL I made one for my husband that says Prince Charming and has a crowned frog on it. No picture because it's actually not done yet. I have to let it dry before adding another layer for the details.

Here's one I made for myself using an old, plain shirt I have.

You can use craft or fabric paint, but I made mine using some Simply Screen paints from Plaid that I found at Michaels on clearance. I did the screen print 'squeegee' method of applying the paint but you can also use a foam brush. The design I used came from the Heritage Cricut cartridge.


Catherine1216 said...

That turned out very nicely. You have to post the frog shirt when you get it done.

Chris said...

After seeing the price for tees at the mall for llyr grandson, I might just go into decorating plain ones myself! I'm giving the "Freezer Tees" a Google search, they sound interesting. I can't wait to see the frog one you're working on! Thanks for the info Tam.

SweetSassyDiva said...

That's wonderful! Thanks for posting your link on my blog!



Roni said...

I enjoy your blog you are very creative! I would like to share a couple of blog awards with you! Please come by my blog and pick them up!